lørdag 13. juni 2015

Final report: Culture in, for, and as sustainable development

The main results of COST Action Investigating Cultural Sustainability have been published in "Culture infor and as Sustainable Development. Conclusions of the COST IS1007 Action Investigating Cultural Sustainability".  The publication  defines and describes the three roles of culture  in sustainable development identified by the Action and illustrates them with real-life cases. Furthermore it reflects the implications for policies and developing assessment frameworks.  The publication  is addressed to scientific community, policy-makers and practitioners interested in the field. It is a 72-page-publication, which is available as hard copy and as pdf, by clicking link above.   
A new book series Routledge Studies in Culture and Sustainable Development was introduced by the Action and the Action Chairs, Katriina Soini and Joost Dessein are the editors of series. The following books have already been approved to be published and they have been launched in the final conference in Helsinki in May 2015: 
  • Heritage and Sustainable Development: Theory and Practice by Graham Fairclough and Elizabeth Auclair
  • Culture and Sustainability in European Cities: Imagining Europolis edited by Svetlana Hristova, Milena Dragićević Šešić, Nancy Duxbury 
  • Culture and Territorialisation: Theories and Practices edited by Joost Dessein, Elena Battaglini, Lummina Horlings 
Two other book proposals by the Action members are already in process and will come out 2015/2016. 
See website www.culturalsustainability.eu for more resources on culture and sustainable development.